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Return Trailer
Barren Ground Trailer
Sheep Hunting Reel
Vortex Optics Show Reel

As seen in the 2016 Hunting Film Tour. Return is a short film that contrasts the modern world in which we all live with the wilderness that we long to return to, It features two exciting Alaskan hunts, one for Musk Ox, and one for Mountain Goat.

As seen in the 2015 Hunting Film Tour. Follow Casey and John as they venture in to the rugged Talkeetna mountains in search of monster Barren Ground Caribou. 

A montage of many different hunts throughout Alaska created for Vortex Optics to use at convention booths such as SHOT show.
A montage of 60th Parallel Dall Sheep hunts created
for client Jeff Burwell of Alaska's High Peak Adventures Guiding service to show at the 2017 WSF Sheep Show.
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