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John Won the Sitka Diverge5 Photo Contest!! (video)

John Whipple's Winning Photo for the Sitka Diverge 5 contest

Out of over 11,000 entries, our own John Whipple had not one but TWO of his photos selected for the top 10 images in the Big Game category of the Sitka Diverge5 national photo contest. One depicted Casey and his girlfriend Chantel dressing out a caribou bull in the middle of the night as the Aurora Borealis danced above them, while the second was a shot of Casey boning out a Mountain Goat on a steep slope with a dramatic Kodiak Island backdrop. Today, we received news that the caribou photo, entitled "Night Lights" has won 1st Place!!!

Diverge 5 Photo Contest Runner up

We are a little overwhelmed, and so thankful for all the support. This is made even more special by the fact that John took 1st Place in last years Diverge4 contest as well!

In the video below see John's reaction!

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